Parks & Recreation

There are many opportunities for exploring nature while visiting Palm Manor Resort.

On Placida Road there are 5 county parks and a state park within 7 miles of Palm Manor.

The following is a list of parks in order of location:

Cedar Point Environmental Center: from Palm Manor turn left onto Placida Road and Cedar Point will be on your right in about 2 miles. Great informative environmental center with guided walks, nesting eagles, plus a wildflower/butterfly garden.

Oyster Creek Park: located diagonally across Placida Road from Cedar Point. Excellent walking trail.

Amberjack Park & Wildflower Park: both are off of Placida Road. On the left on Gasparilla Pines Blvd, Wildflower is our newest and first park on the road. Parking is available.

Amberjack Park is a bit farther down the road at the end on the right. There is a parking area as well as several trails. Two of the trails lead to Lemon Lake where you can view many species of wading birds, including roseate spoonbills, otters and wild pigs. Guided walks are offered at both of these parks.

Don Pedro State Park: features hiking trails to the intracoastal.

The Rookery in Venice: About 15 minutes north of Palm Manor is the Rookery. This is a favorite place for photographers to capture the abundant nesting birds. Take 776 north to right on Jacaranda Blvd., turn left on US 41 and then take your first left. The Venice Rookery is located behind the state trooper’s offices.
There is a a tower with an osprey nest and depending on the time of year your might find the rookery filled with great blue herons, snowy egrets, great egrets, white ibis, glossy ibis, little blue herons, aninghas, black crowned night herons or cattle egrets. All in breeding plumage, showing off for the females, building nests and raising their young.

It’s a unique opportunity to see many species put on an amazing show. The best times to go are early mornings or about an hour before sunset. The birds fly by the hundreds to roost for the night. This is in addition to the nesting birds. You can visit at any time day or night to see the nesting birds.